An introductory MOV-UP training for a group of head teachers was organised by Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi (FNCC) on 7 and 8 September 2017 in Pescia. The guest lecturer Prof. Carmel Cefai from the University of Malta presented the topics of “Social and Emotional learning – the Heart of Education”, “Core SEL competencies”, “Resilience building: a skills based approach”. In collaboration with Prof. Paula de Waal Prof. Cefai carried out a collaborative workshops on “Iterative design – reflecting upon practices” and “Defining tools, processes and milestones”.

Prof. Umberto Margiotta and Prof. Paula de Waal from FNCC introduced “Improving teaching and learning with “action research” tools”.

The program of the training covered also “Storytelling approaches to promote the Valorization of differences” by Prof. Paula de Waal during which were introduced activities with finger-puppets.

Participants were engaged in 1-hour “School Labs at the Pinocchio Park: How to engage children in learning activities”, carried out by the trainers from Pinocchio Thematic Park in Collodi.

The training was closed with a workshop on “Connections with the schools’ curriculum” by Prof. Paula de Waal.