About the MOV-UP Project

The MOV-UP project aims to prepare a teacher training course which will build on the good practices of the partners and will expand the skills of the teachers to develop the affective domain of their young learners (which deals with values, motivation and attitudes). The project steps on the premises that the formation of sustainable motivation and value paradigm can be supported at the stage of the early childhood education by the adequately trained teachers.

The training course will be aimed at equipping teachers with tools for value assessment, pedagogic analysis and suitable intervention methodologies, which will support synchronization of the personal values and motivation of the children (notably influenced by multiple and diverse cultures) with the socially acceptable ones (particularly European fundamental values and democracy values in general).

In long-term context, the adequate attention to the motivation, values and attitudes from early childhood supports the successful school career, better social integration (particularly of children from migrant and disadvantaged background), and reduces early drop-out from schooling, psychosocial problems and drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, antisocial behaviour.

The training will aim also to increase teachers’ skills in organising inclusive learning environment for positive and constructive dialog with children, which involves compassion, empathy and emotional support, and raises children resilience against difficulties and hardship in life. The project will support the pre-primary and primary school teachers to address the increasing diversity of learners and to foster understanding and ownership of democratic values. While the higher qualification of the teachers will be favourable to all children and pupils they work with, the most beneficial impact it will have on children with disadvantaged background (minority or migrant/refugee origin) and such exposed to different socio-economic risks.