In the beginning of December 2017 in Sofia was carried out the second MOV-UP NATT. The host of the training was the Regional District “Nadezhda” to the Sofia Municipality. The training introduced a new topic to the MOV-UP good practices: “Development from the Child’s Perspective” introduced by Jurgita Vaitiekuniene director of the District Education Centre of Panevėžys Municipality and Daina Murauskiene – headmaster of the “Smalsutis” kindergarten in Dembava (Lithuania). The guest lecturers presented the process of the change of the pre-school education curriculum in Lithuania and the anchor models for structuring of the curriculum, among which: Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, Competence-based model, “Active child”, etc. The core activities presented the concept of a curriculum, based with a focus on the child’s development. The training included interactive activities for a group- / class-work, suitable for direct work with children.

The program of the NATT was concluded by Iglika Angelova from Intercultural Cooperation Foundation whose workshop was intended to build bridges between the Lithuanian practices and the Bulgarian national preschool curriculum.