November and December 2019 were full with MOV-UP cascading activities, organised by the Department of Preschool Education at the University of Crete. 

Three workshops, attended by more than 65 participants took place in the UoC Gallos Campus in Rethymno on 23rd November, 4th December and 8th December.

Two fieldwork trainings with 110 participants altogether were carried out: a case study at the Venetian Fortress of Koules in Heraklion (7th December), and a field trip to Arkadi Monastery (15th December).

On 11 December the UoC interdisciplinary Research Center of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences  in Rethymno hosted a seminar with 85 teachers and undergraduate students who were informed about the project activities and outcomes.

The concluding event was held on 18th December in the Youth Center of the Municipality of Rethymno and was attended by children, parents and teachers.

The project topics at the cascading events were presented by:

Assist. Professor Maria Ampartzaki, Department of Preschool Education;
Vasiliki Giannakou, Preschool teacher, Doctoral student
Nikolaos Gerakianakis, Music Specialist, Postgraduate student
Assoc. Professor Mihail Kalogiannakis, Department of Preschool Education
Anastasia Stamataki, Preschool Teacher, Postgraduate student
Anna Stavroulaki, Teacher,
Styliani Frantzeskaki, Preschool teacher,
Stiliani Tsatsaraki, Preschool teacher
Giorgos Fanourakis, English teacher, Doctoral student,
Dimitra Kalligiannaki, Preschool teacher, Master of Arts
Kostas Xristidis, EEP member
Sofia Trouli, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

The MOV-UP project team from the Department of Preschool Education at the University of Crete now works on the program for a 5-days’ MOV-UP training course, which will be published on the School Education Gateway platform as a training opportunity for teachers who have got mobility grants from Erasmus+ KA1.