30 March – 3 April 2019

The 5PM was hosted by the University of Crete. The partners’ meeting gave an opportunity to the project experts to take part and observe Inquiry-based learning activities with participation of teachers and children in preschool and primary school age during a field trip to Arkadi Monastery. The expert team of the Department of Preschool Education at UoC demonstrated excellent organisation of the inquiry activities with more than 200 participants.

Partners’ expert workshop took place on 2nd April in the Interdisciplinary Research Center of Humanities, Social and Education Science at the UoC Gallos Campus in Rethymno. The focus of the discussions was the organisation of the MOV-UP International Valorisation Conference in Istanbul and shaping up the MOV-UP Policy recommendations.

At the end of the working day partners visited the Xeniseum – Museum of Education in Rethymno. They enjoyed the artistic installations created with old educational aids and furniture, and had a short workshop.